Entry: workshop on Information Mapping Apr 2, 2004

TecDoc, India is conducting Information Mapping Workshops which is a globally renowned Methodlogy. This Methodlogy is applicable for techical writing, Business Analysis, Knowledge Management etc.,

Workshop code : Mapping for the Web, Online & Paper (MWOP)
Duration : 3 Days workshop
Date : May 10, 11 & 12 in Hyderabad
       May 13, 14 & 15 in Bangalore
YourInvestment : Rs.14,070/- per participant

For registration, Course Outline & Schedule Contact


April 6, 2004   05:09 PM PDT
ha ha Shanon!
Kribs: It is embarrassing to have a spelling error on a TechWriting blog man!
It is 'Methodology'.
And hey 14 grand for information mapping? Where are these guys from? Chambal valley?
April 3, 2004   01:33 AM PST
Do you guys talk about using the spell checkers and grammar checkers (available with most commercial and open source/free wordprocessers) in your technical writing workshops?

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