Entry: Tech writing in Tamil Apr 3, 2004

I have been following Joel's blog quite some time and it is one of the best site I ever seen. Joel's blogs can also be viewed in Tamil and thanks to initiative taken by Kavitha/Sudarsan/Nagapan. I used to feel that such a good information from Joel's site was not sharable with people who does not know English but with this kind of initiative it is no more a problem. Joel was working for Microsoft in MS Excel team but started his own company.


Kiruba Shankar
April 5, 2004   10:38 AM PDT
Guy, here is the link http://tamil.joelonsoftware.com/
Guy Haas
April 4, 2004   12:02 AM PST
Interesting. How about a link to Joel's blog? I don't read Tamil, but I know some beginning tech writers in India who might find it useful.

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